About Semagri starch varieties

Semagri is a part of the Royal ZAP, a cooperative growers associatin in Anna Paulowna. Trough the merger of both companies a strong company was created with a wealth of experience in the production of high grade basic material for potatoes and cereal seed. The cooperation with independent breeders in the Netherlands and foreign breeding stations offers e wide array of new hybrid and potential potato varieties. Promising hybrids are tested on several trial fields in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The extensive knowledge of local markets in multiple regions of the world allows for the introduction of newly developed varieties. The team of motivated employees has acquired their knowledge trough schooling and experience over a period of many years. They travel the world to gather information and to be prepared for the ever changing needs to be able to grow the best varieties, but also the highest yielding cereal varieties. The personel effort and short lines between producer and the byer are the basis of our success. All the free varieties, consumption en French fries varieties belong since January 2018 by cultivation, technical support and sales for the full responsibility of Royal ZAP.

The starch varieties of Semagri
The association with sloots Aardappelkweekbedrijf, other Dutch breeders and a few foreign breeders will be working in collaboration with Semagri to make sure that there will always be new races with high starch potato yields and resistances of different kind of nematodes, potato wart desease. Phytophthora, virus, drought and Altenaria tolerance. Even the the vitality during and after storage is an important aspect. The promising new crossings of potatoes are being tested on various trial fields in all European Starch producing countries.

Products from Semagri



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