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is a mid-late potato, which is suitable for processing French fries and crisp.

  • characterized by the flat eyes and is long-oval in shape.
  • Pale yellow skin and the flesh color is characteristic of golden yellow.
  • is very suitable for making fresh French fries.


is a somewhat older but very versatile potato variety

  • excellent baking and frying quality for French fries and chips
  • also suitable for salads and mashed potatoes
  • Bintje potatoes a creamy texture and neutral taste


is a very productive easy-storage potato with yellow skin and red-eyed tuber quality

  • resistance to drought and disease
  • good consistent yield from year to year
  • is grown exclusively in the Netherlands for the export of seed potatoes


is a medium late red-skinned table variety with a high yield

  • produces large tubers
  • good yield and dry matter content
  • popular in Mediterranean countries


is a yellow-skinned potato with an excellent yield

  • very well suited for production in countries with a warm climate
  • ideal for French fries processing in these countries
  • strong in dry growing conditions


is mainly processed for chips in the Mediterranean and the East

  • good heat and drought tolerance
  • very strong against scab
  • high yield


is a medium early, high-yielding fresh potato

  • clear and smooth skin
  • suitable for long storage
  • popular in countries around the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain and France


is a medium early variety with a high tolerance to drought and heat

  • very suitable for production in climates with high temperatures
  • worldwide sales market
  • adaptability in extreme weather conditions

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