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You are looking for the finest seed potatoes? We are at your service since 1913. Since oktober 10th we are proud to be: Royal ZAP.

The Netherlands has evolved into a worldwide leading exporter in seed potatoes. The Netherlands thank this position to it’s favourable geografic position and weather, and the advanced and reliable quality inspection services.

Sinds 1913 the ZAP breeds its’s seed potatoes on the special, fertile clay soil at the polders around hometown Anna Paulowna, surrounded by the sea. ZAP is a small, still independent, cooperative growers organisation. At about 1000Ha we grow over 70 varieties.

We can offer you our fine seed potatoes for an excellent price/quality ratio.
For a little impression of our varieties click here.

Our agent for the Middle East: Tarek Chebib T 0032 475 815 056

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Royal ZAP


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